what you need to know when buying a garage door

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2 Reasons To Have Your Garage Door Spring Repair Done By A Professional

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Your garage door spring is one of the most important components of your garage door because it is what is responsible for opening and closing your garage door smoothly and safely. If something happens to this spring, it is important that you have it fixed right away. A great way to go about having your garage door spring repaired is to hire a professional to come and look at it for you. Read More»

4 Reasons Garage Door Springs Need to Be Replaced

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Over time, the springs that hold a garage door in place while it opens and closes will become worn. At this point, it’s important to replace the springs, which can be costly, but the need for replacement can often be prevented if you know some of the reasons garage door springs need to be replaced in the first place. Here are four main reasons garage door springs become heavily worn: Read More»

4 Signs It Is Time To Get A New Garage Door

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Your garage door won’t last forever, and at some point in its life it is going to need to be replaced. You might be wondering, however, when you should replace your garage door. There are a number of signs that you should be on the lookout for that indicate that it is time for you to get a new garage door. High Energy Bills When a garage door is first installed, weatherstripping is put in place to ensure that the garage is tightly sealed and that air isn’t coming into or escaping from the garage. Read More»

Helpful Information About Garage Door Torsion Springs

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When a garage door is struggling to move, it might mean that something is wrong with the torsion springs. Torsion springs are the most dangerous parts to repair on a garage door, so it is a good idea to hire a professional to fix damaged ones instead of attempting the task on your own. Find out in this article what you should know about garage door torsion springs. What Are Torsion Springs? Read More»

How To Care For Your Garage Door In The Winter

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The winter season is hard on most every outdoor component of your home, including your garage door. To ensure all of the salt, slush, snow and cold weather don’t leave your garage door damaged, follow these simple winter maintenance tips. Wipe off the gaskets, tracks and chains. Salt and moisture are going to work its way into the gaskets, tracks and chains, and they can cause these components to break down and rust. Read More»

Reasons Your Garage Door Opens And Closes Loudly

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Garage door openers are a great convenience compared to older units that had to be opened and closed manually. Unfortunately, when the computerized unit won’t work correctly, it can be bothersome, especially if your bedroom is close to the garage area. It could be a part that needs lubrication, loose hardware, or worn out rollers. Use these suggestions to see if you can locate the problem before you make the decision to call a repair company. Read More»