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Helpful Information About Garage Door Torsion Springs

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When a garage door is struggling to move, it might mean that something is wrong with the torsion springs. Torsion springs are the most dangerous parts to repair on a garage door, so it is a good idea to hire a professional to fix damaged ones instead of attempting the task on your own. Find out in this article what you should know about garage door torsion springs.

What Are Torsion Springs?

The torsion springs are important because they are the parts that are used for supporting a garage door. For instance, the torsion springs are able to support the weight of the door when it is moving. By supporting the weight of the garage door, torsion springs are able to keep it moving in a smooth manner. The springs are located at the top of the garage door and are attached to the header. There is also a round rod that is used for connected the torsion springs to the garage door.

What Kind of Signs Point to Damaged Torsion Springs?

One of the signs that the torsion springs are damaged is when the garage door begins going down too fast. The speed of the door is the result of the springs not being as tightly coiled as they used to be, and the problem can stem from one or both springs being damaged. Another sign of damage is when the garage door wobbles as it is moving, which might mean that only a single springs is damaged. The most obvious sign of torsion spring damage is when you can see that they are uncoiled and your door is no longer able to be lifted up without doing it manually.

What Makes Repairing Torsion Springs Dangerous?

The reason repairing torsion springs is so dangerous is due to the pressure from the weight of the garage door that they are under. Basically, a damaged torsion spring can break loose if it is not repaired the right way, which takes the skills of a professional who has performed the task before. When the damaged spring breaks loose, it can then uncoil at a dangerous amount of speed before quickly recoiling. During the uncoiling process, the spring can badly harm your body and possibly lead to you needing emergency medical attention. Talk to a garage door installation contractor about your torsion springs in case they are the reason your garage door is struggling to move.