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Garage Door Repair Services: When Your Door Is Not Working Properly

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Your garage door opener can last a long time, while the entire garage door system can last much longer if you take good care of it. The door can fade over time, and you may want to replace the door itself for cosmetic reasons. When your garage door is not staying open all the way, or you notice that the motor is making loud noises, it's time to have garage door repair services come to your home for an inspection. Small issues with your garage door can lead to a system failure if you don't get the door fixed right away.

When Tension Springs are Loose

The function of your garage door begins to fail when your tension springs are too loose. While the springs may only need to be tightened, it is not safe for you to tighten your garage door springs on your own. The springs can snap, causing you serious damage if you don't know what you are doing. Your garage door may not stay in the open position, or your garage door may open really slowly when your tension springs are not working properly.

Your Garage Door Changes Direction

When the garage door is moving and suddenly changes direction, this is usually a problem with your garage door tracks. the issue could be as simple as a small piece of debris in the track that needs to be removed. If you lost a bracket that is holding the track in place, this can cause the door to change direction because the tracks are not supported evenly. If you have a bend in one of your tracks that causes the door to change direction, this usually requires a new track to be installed.

Your Garage Door Won't Close

If your garage door won't close all the way, the issue could be the safety sensors that prevent the door from closing all the way if something is blocking the door. If the sensors are not facing one another, or there is an object blocking one of the sensors, the signal between the two is disrupted. When this occurs, the door won't close all the way.

If you experience problems with a slow-moving door or a door that closes really fast, it's time to have your garage door inspected. A garage door repair specialist will look over your entire system, and let you know what needs to be repaired for proper function.

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