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Signs of Garage Door Problems That Need to Be Repaired

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A garage door opening system can work for years without a problem, and then suddenly you can't open the door one day. Sometimes there are signs that the garage door system is starting to fail. As your tension springs get older, they will start to become loose. Issues with the opener can develop due to motor problems or a lack of power. When your garage door starts changing direction, or won't stay all the way open, it's time to investigate the situation further.

Problems with Your Tension Springs

Your garage door tension springs have a lifecycle of roughly 10,000-20,000 uses. This often translates to about 7 years. Sometimes your springs just need to be adjusted or tightened. You might notice that your garage door doesn't stay all the way open, or that it takes your door much longer than normal to open. Don't adjust your own springs, as this is dangerous. Springs can snap suddenly, causing you harm. If your door is open and a spring snaps, your door is going to slam down fast. You will need garage door repair services to replace the broken spring for you.

Your Door Reverses Direction

Sometimes there will be a small pebble or piece of debris in your garage door tracks that causes the door to reverse direction. Missing track brackets can cause the tracks to be uneven, and your door might switch directions. If your motor is not powerful enough to open the door, your door might start to close. If your garage door continually switches direction mid-use, it's time to have a garage door repair person inspect your system.

When the Opener Is Straining

A garage door opener can last a long time, as long as it is doesn't have to work too hard to open the garage door. Loose tension springs make it much harder for your opener to work, as the springs help to hold the heavy weight of the door. If you notice your door moving slowly, or the opener seems to be straining, this can be both a spring problem and an opener issue. A technician will be able to determine if you need a new opener, or if you can just have the springs replaced.

Garage door problems should be addressed right away. You don't want to hurt because your tension spring suddenly snaps, and your door slams down. When your door is malfunctioning, contact a garage door repair service (for example, Door Serv Pro).