what you need to know when buying a garage door

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Here Is What You Need To Know Before Installing A New Garage Door

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A quality garage door will last for decades, if not a lifetime. Therefore, it makes sense that you want to spend a little more time and effort learning about garage doors before installing yours. While it's not possible to cover every piece of information about garage doors in one post, there are those things that are absolutely necessary to know.

Here are the three most critical things to know before installing a new home garage door

There Are Various Material Options Available for You

Before anything else, consider which garage door material suits you best. The material you choose will determine the look, maintenance requirements, and durability of your door. Some common types of materials include steel, wood, composite wood, and aluminum. 

Steel is the most popular because of its wide range of options in price, color, style, and insulation. It's also a very durable material, as it doesn't crack or warp. Aluminum is ideal for humid environments due to its ability to resist corrosion and rust. 

It can also be paired with clear or frosted glass or acrylic panels to produce an aesthetically appealing outcome. Wood and composite wood provide unmatched curb appeal, but they can be expensive to install and maintain.  

Garage Door Installation Isn't a DIY Job

Even if you consider yourself a DIY pro, garage door installation is one of those projects that is best left to the experts. The garage door is usually quite heavy and can easily fall on you if you don't properly handle it. Also, winding the garage door spring calls for considerable arm strength and can cause severe cuts or injuries if the spring snaps while on your hands. 

Besides, a major reason most people like DIY projects is to save money. But for DIY garage door installation, that may not be the case. The job involves a list of specialized tools, which may be expensive to buy. When you hire pros, they will come equipped with all the tools needed for the job and complete it to perfection.

Don't Overlook Security and Safety Features

Considering the garage door is a point of entry into your home, security should be at the top of your mind. Luckily, modern doors allow you to integrate various security features. For example, you can add motion detectors to ward off potential intruders. 

You can also install an opener that is equipped with rolling code technology. Every time you use the remote, the security code changes, making it hard for unwanted persons to steal your code. 

If your home has children or pets, adding safety features may also be necessary. You can add safety sensors to detect when a person or object is in the door's path when it is closing. Other features include finger-free designs to prevent fingers from getting jammed in the railing and manual control for use when there are power outages.