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3 Approaches To Custom Glass Entry Doors That Will Blow Your Mind

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Custom entry doors on your home say a lot about you and your personal quirks, likes and dislikes. Yet, what if you had solid glass doors as your entry doors? Some people live in glass and steel beam houses, so a glass door is not that far-fetched. If you choose to install glass doors on the front of your home, here are three approaches to make them unique, beautiful and mind-blowing.

Frost Them

If you like the idea of glass front doors but do not like the idea of a lack of privacy, you can have your glass doors frosted. This approach creates a very opaque (and thus very private) set of doors. Anyone walking up to your front door would not be able to see much beyond moving shadows and colors behind the door, providing you with the privacy you need but the unique portal you want.

Etch Them

Etching requires a set of tools that carefully carve small slivers from the glass to create amazing and unique patterns. The patterns themselves can either be left as-is, or they can be frosted for an additional eye-catching effect. An artisan who is gifted with glass cutting tools can design anything you want to put on your glass entry doors. The only down side to etching your doors is that you will either have to wait for the doors to be installed so that the etching artist can complete the work, or have substitute doors put in place while your glass doors are removed and worked on in the artist's shop. (Etching cannot be performed while the doors are vertical; too much pressure could be applied to the glass and shatter your doors. That is why they need to lay flat for the etching process.)

Gold Leaf Them or Silver Leaf Them

Gold leaf and silver leaf are two techniques whereby an artist creates a design on your doors, applies an adhesive, and then applies very thin sheets of real gold or silver to the adhesive. Additional effects may be scratched into and through the gold or silver leaf. The results are dazzling, glittering and brilliant custom doors that catch everyone's eye and makes them want to look at your doors up close. This process can be done while the doors are installed and vertical, and like the other two approaches, the design options are as infinite as your own imagination.

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