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How To Prepare Your Garage Door For Winter

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Winter is rough on almost all mechanical systems and your garage door is no exception.  Thankfully, taking time to get your garage door ready for the changing seasons is simple and can make all the difference when it comes to not getting left out in the cold.  

Change Your Batteries

Few things are worse than pulling up to the house in a snowstorm only to realize your garage door remote isn't working.  Prevent this from happening by checking your batteries in the fall.  If they are old or if the remote seems to be responding more sluggishly, replace them.  Changing temperatures can also cause condensation to form on metal, so while you're in the battery compartment, take time to check for corrosion and to clean any connections.


Proper lubrication is important for garage door operation all year round, but it's especially crucial in the winter.  Cold temperatures can cause the metal components to contract, increasing the strain on your garage door.  When the temperature drops below freezing, you also run the risk of having the door stick in the track, which can permanently damage the motor.  Adequately lubricating your garage door can help prevent these problems.  For best results, generously apply lubricant to the brushes, hinges, and rollers before cold weather sets in. 

Check the Track

While you're at it, fall is a great time to check the drive track.  Inspect the track for obstructions and damage and make sure the chain travels smoothly along the rail.  If you notice any problems, contact a professional for repairs.  Because of the added strain from winter operation, you'll want to repeat this procedure again in the spring.  

Apply Rock Salt

When winter storms strike, they can pile snow and ice against the base of the door.  This can actually cause the door to freeze to the ground, creating a recipe for damage when the door is operated next.  Before serious winter weather moves in, sprinkle a little rock salt along the base of the garage.  Not only will this help protect your door, but it will make the area safer for pedestrians too.

Use It or Lose It

Finally, one of the most important ways you can help your garage door perform well all winter long is to simply use it.  By simply opening and closing the door on a daily basis, you will help prevent the door from freezing in its track and you will be aware if there are any problems developing.

Having a broken garage door in the winter means trudging to and from the car in the cold and snow, which is nobody's idea of fun.  Follow the tips in this article to make sure your garage door is winter-ready and you'll be grateful all season long.  

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