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Here's What You Need To Know About Garage Door Springs

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Of all the parts that make your garage door go up and down safely, the springs are probably the most critical. They use tension to balance and move the door and support its weight when it's in motion. Since they work so hard, it's reasonable to expect that they will require attention at some point if they are to hoist and lower the door when they need to. Here are some points you need to know about springs when your garage door starts giving you trouble.

They Have a Limited Service Life

Manufacturers rate and guarantee springs, but only for a certain number of uses. Even though they are durable and will last for many years, they aren't intended to last forever. Unlike structural beams that never move, springs by their nature are intended to tighten, loosen, and continually flex. This repetitive motion fatigues the metal and also exposes it to rust, weakening the metal over time. If the springs surpassed their use rating a decade ago, it doesn't mean you can count on them to keep working. It probably means it's time to replace them.

They Should Always Come in Pairs

When a spring breaks, it's not worth it to skimp and replace one at a time. As mentioned previously, a spring has a limited useful life and will eventually fail after a certain number of uses. It doesn't make sense to install a brand new spring on one side and leave an old, weakened spring on the other. Odds are that the old spring is quickly approaching the end of its expected life as well. When one breaks, rusts or starts giving you problems, it's time to replace them both. Take it as a sign that the safety factor is beginning to decrease, and consider the damage that an unsupported door could do.

It's a Job For The Pros

Replacing springs on anything - whether it's a car, a watch or a garage door - requires a special skill level. This type of repair usually requires special tools as well because springs often need to be compressed in order to install them. Compressing a spring creates stored energy. Without the proper tools to hold it in place at the correct tension, it can become a projectile in a matter of seconds. When you consider that these springs are large and need to be worked on overhead, while supporting an object that weighs hundreds of pounds, it's easy to see the danger in this kind of project. Leave this job to the technicians with the tools and experience to do it safely.

Fortunately, you probably won't need to replace springs very often. However, they are a critical part of the garage door assembly that you should examine on a regular basis. If and when you detect problems, be safe and let a professional handle them. To find out more, speak with a business like Zook Garage Door Services.