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How To Fix A Stuck Garage Door

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Stuck garage doors can really ruin someone's day.  Fortunately, the fix for a garage door that gets stuck halfway can be much easier than one would think. Here's how to find out what's giving you so much trouble, so you can get on your way to fixing your garage door woes.  

Diagnosing the Underlying Issue

First off, start by troubleshooting to isolate the cause. Start by making absolutely sure that the problem isn't simply an obstructed doorway sensor. After that has been confirmed, pull on the release tab to release the door from the opening mechanism, and see if the door can lower and open all the way. If there are no problems at this stage, the problem most likely lies with the motor or it's opening mechanism. If this is the issue, then calling a technician to fix it is the only option. However, if you find it difficult to open or close the garage door for reasons other than the garage door simply being heavy to begin with, then the underlying issue is with the door and its tracks. Be advised that changes in weather are a possible exception to the first cause. Temperature swings can often cause the tracks or the door to expand, temporarily pushing the setup out of alignment. Thermal expansion may be the most likely culprit if jams only seem to occur at certain parts of the day, when temperatures spike. If so, then the problem is most likely thermal expansion instead of faulty components in need of replacement.

Door or Tracks

If the issue appears to be the door and tracks, start by checking for any foreign matter in or along the tracks. It may be a good idea to dust the tracks, to rule out potential dust deposits or bug husks blocking the way. Next, check the door's wheels, and make sure they are still in good working order and all still on the tracks properly. If a wheel appears to be broken or otherwise damaged in some way, then you may have to call in a professional garage door technician to repair it. However, if a wheel isn't spinning freely, it may simply be in need of some lubricant to loosen the wheel. If the above aren't an issue, observe the door as it opens and closes, and take note of any spots along the tracks that hang-ups are occurring. If the track itself is bent or warped, then it would be best to call a technician to repair the tracks.