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Deck The Halls And Give Garage Doors Some Christmas Cheer

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If your property has a garage with large doors or expansive facades, you have some unique opportunities in terms of holiday decorating. Instead of keeping it simple with wreaths or going with Santa's seasonal stand-by, a reindeer, opt for something stylish and different. Remember that your garage contributes to your property's holiday curb appeal, so keep it cohesive with the decor or accents being used on your house or around your space. 

When you start getting your home or property ready for the holidays, consider some of these ideas to give garage doors some holiday inspiration and cheer:

Go big.

Make the most of wide garage doors with themes and displays that are bigger than life. Invest in huge wreaths, either custom made or create your own wire and rings. Set up life-size figures to depict popular holiday scenes, such as nativity characters using the pitch of your garage as a manger. Keep things simple by purchasing holiday cut-outs that can be stuck in the ground around your garage, camouflaging it against your display.

Light up the night.

It is far easier to create a projected image onto the front of your garage doors than you may realize. Buy or rent an inexpensive projector to display festive snowflakes, Santa images, or holiday messages to neighbors and all who pass by your garage. Kids will be awestruck by the illuminated display, especially after dark.

Cling to the holiday season.

If you happen to have a garage with a lot of windows, make decorating easy on yourself with inexpensive vinyl clings. These will stick to the glass of your garage door windows, without requiring tape or leaving a mark. Create a theme and decorate every window the same for a cohesive look to the overall building.

Create a gingerbread cottage.

Get really inspired for the season by turning your garage into a gingerbread house for the holidays. Invest in large cut-out gingerbread men, and position them around your garage. Add thick coils of plastic garland--it can be found resembling candy--to trim the windows and door frames. Frost the windows by spritzing them with spray-snow, found in many retail stores during the holiday season.

Even if you choose to only add a lighted candle or two to the windows of your garage, don't let it go unadorned this holiday season. Keep the festive theme going from the house to the garage, and out into the neighborhood, and you will see how your home's décor can impact and instill holiday spirit in everyone around you. For more information regarding garage doors, contact a company like A AAA Allstate Door Company.